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Orange Blossom Water has been a traditional ingredient used as an aromatizer in many Mediterranean dessert dishes. It made its way to Europe, Central & North America as well as North African and Middle Eastern countries. Orange flower water is used as an ingredient in some cocktails also. In some countries orange blossom water is widely used as medicine for stomach ache and given to small children as well as adults.

Orange Blossom Water is excellent for skin, especially if oily and sensitive. It calms redness and soothes irritations. Like rose water, it can replace your usual toner, but be sure the floral waters you use for skincare are pure, natural distillations and not artificially flavored. Its stimulates the circulation in the tiny blood vessels beneath the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries.

You can make your own Orange Blossom Water (not to be confused with sweet orange essential oil, which is made from orange peel). This is an infusion method, but if it would be difficult for you to make, or you don’t get the results you would love to have, you can also purchase orange flower water online.

To Make Your Own Orange Blossom Water

What You Need:

  • Orange flower petals, preferably from Seville orange trees
  • Distilled water
  • Bowl, strainer and fresh water for washing the petals
  • Cheesecloth
  • Large glass jar with lid
  • Small sterilized glass jars or bottles for storing the orange flower water

How To Make It:

  • For your own health & safety always use organic flowers
  • To get the best results pick orange blossoms early in the morning to get the best of its fragrance
  • It’s important to rinse the petals and blossoms in cold water to avoid dirt, and especially insects
  • Crush the petals into a paste. This will help to release the petal oils into the water.
  • Place petal paste in a glass jar with lid and cover with distilled water. You can base the amount of 12 blossoms for 1/2 cup of water. Less is more. You can always add more distilled water later.
  • Let the jar stand in the full sun for a couple of weeks. Check the scent. If it is too weak, leave it in the sun for another week.
  • Strain the blossom water into a bowl using cheese cloth.
  • Transfer into several smaller sterilized jars with lids.
  • Store in a cool dark location such as the refrigerator.

Or, If You Wish, You Can Buy It Here:


Suzanne Somers is one of America’s most popular and beloved show business personalities. Her beauty products from SUZANNE ORGANICS are made with natural botanical extracts, enzymes, organic fruits & vegetables, Certified Toxic Free, no parabens, no synthetic fragrance, no chemical emulsifiers, no animal testing, completely gluten-free, and best of all - Made in America!

One of her products from SUZANNE Organics that speaks loud to me is the Liquid Oxygen Therapy Facial Serum. As we mature our skin gets very dull and dry, but this luxurious serum helps to reverse the visible signs of aging by restoring lost hydration, revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin.

The Benefits

  • Adds moisture to help minimize the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Soothes irritated & sensitive skin
  • Combats free radicals from environmental stress
  • Helps smoothe wrinkles
  • Rich in vitamin B-5 to relieve red & dry skin

Active Ingredients

  • Suspended Oxygen
  • Extracts from Apple, Watermelon & Lentils
  • Bioavailable Essential Minerals
  • Pro-Vitamin B-5


Rose water has been used for generations as a natural, gentle astringent while it is also great for skin hydration. Works well with all skin types . You can get clearer skin by incorporating some natural remedies to your skin care routine. One of my favorite is Rose Water Toner. Any kind of rose petals can be used, although I prefer to use roses that have not been sprayed with pesticides.

How to make ROSE Water Facial Toner

All you need is organic rose petals and distilled water. Add two or three cups of organic rose petals into a sauce pan. Fill the pan with water (preferably distilled) until the petals are just covered. Place a lid on the pan and heat on low until most of the color has faded from the petals. It will take about fifteen to twenty minutes -keep the water from coming to a simmer. Too much heat can destroy the flower’s beneficial properties and color. After the petals have paled considerably, strain the liquid through a mesh strainer. Pour the rose water toner into a sterilized jar, allow it to cool, and then keep it refrigerated until you’re ready to use it. Your rose toner should last for about a week.

Beauty Benefits

  • Hydrates
  • Cleans and tightens the skin
  • Reduces redness & inflammation
  • Rich in vitamin A. B3. C. D & E
  • Helps calm the skin (acne. dermatitis. and eczema)
  • Maintains skin’s pH balance

How to Use It

Rose water toner can be used on its own with a cotton pad or you can spritzi it with a mini spray bottle. It will instantly freshen your skin, naturally hydrating & nourishing it, adding a wonderful radiance and glow. If the rose water is fragrant enough, you will have a subtle rose fragrance coming out your skin as well.


The combination of Rosewater and witch hazel is an excellent choice for sensitive skin. Apply gently to your skin after cleansing using a clean cotton pad.

What you need:

  • 4 tablespoons rose water
  • 2 tablespoons witch hazel
  • • 2 tablespoons distilled water (preferable)

Mix all ingredients and store it into a clean container with a tight-fitting lid.


I love to travel! Who doesn’t?
Traveling makes us forget about our big responsibilities and strict schedules. Pleasure traveling is the time we enjoy ourselves and absorb the beauty that surrounds us, and from time to time bringing back home souvenirs that represent precious moments. Every time I go overseas I can’t resist - I have to bring some scented soaps back home with me. I have fond memories growing up using scented bar soaps. Reminds me of my mother who collected and used them as sachets in our clothing drawers.
The other day I discovered PEAR & PINK MAGNOLIA UPLIFTING SOAP by Crabtree & Evelyn and it reminded me of the wonderful fragrances of those soaps my mother used.
The soap is made using traditional techniques where the blend of pear juice and the fragrant pink magnolia makes a perfect combination. It is layered with passion fruit, bergamot, jasmine and osmanthus to complete its gloriously feminine scent. It comes wrapped in a beautiful printed paper to maintain its fresh fragrance. You also can display a few soaps in apothecary jars on top of your vanity for a more interesting home decor look.


I have been looking for this type of product for so long- and it’s finally here! I wanted a serum that is lightweight with certified organic ingredients and firming properties that can restore the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity.

SIGNAL PEPTIDES Firming Serum is all that and more. Its formula contains vitamin E, organic olive fruit oil, organic shea butter, linseed extract, and a blend of sunflower seed oil combined with rice peptides and wild blueberry extract. The benefits of the rice peptides makes the skin firmer and facial contour look re-defined. Linseed extract creates a more lifted and sculpted appearance. The serum is formulated without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances- and never tested on animals.

If you are looking for a face serum to wear day or night for skin firmness… THIS IS IT!

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