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We are so worried about wrinkles, but it seems that we give all the attention to our face. We exfoliate it, moisturize it, use masks on it once in while and even protect it with sunscreen. And how about our neck? Did you forget about it?
Our neck skin is every bit as delicate as our face skin, and it needs the same attention as our face does.
Following some type of skin regimen, you can minimize neck wrinkles that already exist and even prevent new ones from forming. Preventing neck wrinkles follows much the same routine as preventing face wrinkles.

Here are some suggestions for a skin regimen for face and neck:

Tips to follow:

  1. A daily routine is a must to fight neck wrinkles.
  2. Beauty also comes from within. Don’t forget to drink lots of water. Add a little bit of lemon juice in it for better skin hydration.
  3. Exfoliate your neck to reveal a brighter complexion. Skin will have a radiant glow from removal of dead skin cells and hydration support for healthy new skin.
  4. Due to neck skin being so thin, it is recommended to exfoliate it only once a week with a gentle cleanser.


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